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For OCU Faculty

OCU Faculty International Resources

Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led Programs typically follow one of two structures:
1)  Embedded program
2)  Short-term program

An embedded program usually consist of a short trip (1 - 2 weeks) related to a specific course taught on campus.  This trip can be scheduled at the beginning of the semester, during a semester break, or at the end of the semester.  Students must be informed about the excursion option before course registration to enable students to arrange for appropriate financial aid or additional funding.  Students eligible for financial aid at OCU will be able to utilize financial aid to pay for some travel expenses.  The faculty member is responsible for developing a proposal and following all financial, logistical, health and safety protocols outlined by the Provost's Office.

A short-term program is typically scheduled for Summer and may last 2 - 4 weeks.  The OCU faculty will teach a regular OCU course on an intensive schedule while overseas.  This type of program is developed to utilize on-site resources (museums, site visits, guest lectures, educational activities, etc.) to enhance the regular course curriculum and assignments.  Students will earn academic credit for the class as if it were taught here on campus.  Students will be required to pay for OCU tuition, international airfare, housing and other expenses.

Resources for Proposing, Developing, and Leading Faculty-Led Programs

This is a planning document that will help you shape your program as you want it to be. Once it’s submitted, the director of academic services will meet with you to discuss options based on the information you have provided. Please provide information about your program as you would like to see it develop. For instance, if you want your program to be offered on a university campus with students in home-stays and a faculty member from that university teaching a language immersion course or some other course to complement yours, specify that. If you prefer a program that involves visiting multiple sites in three countries and therefore requires a meeting space in five different hotels, specify that.
Download a PDF of the Proposal Form.  

Guidelines for Faculty-Led Programs
Consult this guide for assistance in all stages of the program, from planning to development and leading a faculty-led program abroad. 

Consult this guide for a list of questions and criteria to consider while preparing a faculty-led program proposal.

Sample Proposals:
Opera in Italy Summer 2012
Primate Behavior and Conservation, Costa Rica, Summer 2012

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