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Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a country located in Central America that borders Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. The country is comprised of mountains that experience volcanic activity, as well as, coastal plains to the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica provides a tropical and subtropical climate, which becomes cooler towards the highlands. Costa Rica includes much of the world's wildlife due to their protected forests and reserves.

The President of Costa Rica sits in the capital San Jose, who is the executive power of the country. This power is exercised as Chief of State and Head of Government, which depicts a democratic republic, which is enforced by a strong constitution. The Costa Rican Colon is employed throughout the economy, which is slowly expanding as a result of a governmental plan to boost the lagging economy.

History has allowed the Costa Rican culture to become diverse over time. After the conquest by the Spaniards and the influence of the Africans the culture is mixed in various aspects. They enjoy numerous fiestas, street fairs and carnivals which are celebrated throughout the nation. Bull fighting is also a very popular sport. The influence in the music and cuisine of the country includes reggae beats and "tipico" food. The cuisine has developed alongside its neighboring Latin American countries with Spanish attributes, yet it displays influence of Caribbean, American, and some European flavor.

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Quick Facts

Population: 4,636,348
Capital: San Jose
Per-capita GDP: $ 12100
Size: 51,100 km2
Time Zone: (GMT - 06:00 hours) Central Time (US & Canada)

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Travel Warning: YES
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