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Semester in Taiwan — Soochow University

Term To Study: Spring 2020
Application Deadline: Sep 15, 2019
Major 1: Economics
Subject 1:
Major 2: International Relations
Subject 2:
Major 3: Political Science & Government
Subject 3:
Major 4: Area / Ethnic Studies: Asian
Subject 4:
Major 5: Business Management
Subject 5:
Major 6: Foreign Language / Literature Mandarin
Subject 6:
Major 7: Music
Subject 7:
Major 8: Business Studies - Marketing
Subject 8:
Major 9: International Business
Subject 9:
Major 10: Business (general)
Subject 10:
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Exchange
Program Fee: $15,847
Link 1: Soochow University Site in English
Link 2: Soochow Exchange Site
Link 3: Taiwanese Student Visa Instructions
Link 4: Soochow Academic Calendar 2018-2019
Program Locations: Taipei
Contact Phone: 405-208-5160
Contact Name: Regan Shorter
Contact Email: rashorter@okcu.edu
What is Included: Students pay full-time OKCU tuition plus the university fee of $150/credit hour and are eligible to use financial aid, including most scholarships and tuition discounts.
What is not Included: Housing and insurance costs are paid directly to Soochow University.
Round-trip Airfare
Medical Insurance
Passport and/or visa fees
Local Transportation
Personal Expenses
Estimated Costs: Please download a copy of the estimated budget (PDF) for a full cost breakdown, and schedule an appointment with Melissa Thornton in the Financial Aid office to discuss your available aid for this program.
Program Description

Soochow University is on the cultural axis of Taipei City. Near the National Palace Museum, among lush green hills and a clear stream flowing by, the Waishuanghsi Campus presents a spectacular view and offers the students a superior study environment. On this campus are the School of Arts & Social Sciences, the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, and the School of Science.

Quick Facts

Population: 23113901
Capital: Taipei
Per-capita GDP: $ 38200
Size: 35980 km2
Time Zone: (GMT) Dublin

US State Department

Travel Warning: YES
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